Whats happening in and around Riverside Avenue

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Concrete pad and fences in Gravel lane (Keysers Road)


Some residents have vocalised concerns with the changes in the 'Gravel Lane' (by the pumping station in Riverside Avenue.) It's name is actually  Keysers Road, a continuation of the adopted road that leads into Great Meadow. The Concrete has been laid by the residents of 'Achray' who assure us it is their intention to concrete Keysers road down to Riverside Avenue, but ceased further progress until the rebuilding work at 'Emerald' has finished. They are NOT responsible for the fence panels. These we believe were erected by the resident at 2 Great Meadow, but as we have been unable to speak to him we can only guess the reasons behind erecting them. Rest assured that the committee is monitoring the situation carefully and will vehemently oppose any attempt to steal land!








Social engineering

Social engineering is the new crime, well not so new, it used to be called trickster fraud so it does have a new name at least. Don't get fooled, don't trust anyone without proof, no matter who they say they are! Always ask for proof of identity. Keep up to date here  on this great site for information on the latest scams and frauds: www.actionfraud.police.uk/