Welcome to Riverside Avenue Residents Association


(Riverside Avenue Residents Association) Is a voluntary non profit making organisation created by the residents, and for the benefit of the residents of Riverside Avenue. It's aims are to collect money in small affordable amounts for the inevitable repairs and maintenance of our private road in order to avoid large repairs bills when these become necessary. The organisation manages our neighbourhood watch scheme and produces newsletters and information via emails and this website. We will also deal with larger organisations presenting a unified voice defending the interests of all residents.

Looking after our unadopted road

RaRa is dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of Riverside Avenue and is dependant on subscription fees from the residents. Currently this stands at the very reasonable amount of £60.00 per annum. Please help us in this essential work by completing a standing order form!


See where we are with our work on improving the road surface on our Road repairs page 

Drain Problems!

Some of you may not be aware of the issues we have been having with drain and sewer blockages in Riverside avenue and others will be only too aware of them! It all depends on where you are located! further to the ongoing issues with Thames water and the unreliable sewage pumps.... This is a very interesting article which highlights what we can do to help keep our drains free flowing..


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